"I'm a mother of a free spirited boy and gorgeous passionate girl, I am a wife to creative genius,  supportive and giving man."- Grace Ramos-Shore

My love for raw plant based living and all things natural living began over a decade ago. I slowly transitioned from a conventional lifestyle to a holistic and organic lifestyle including minimalist living.

After dealing with many life threatening diseases, I have spent many years researching natural remedies,herbalist practices,  along with plant based lifestyle. Helping sustain a toxic free environment has become a passion of mine.

Our MyRawVegan family live on this beautiful abundant planet that supplies us with everything we need and nothing we don’t. God has blessed us with all the tools we need to heal and nourish our bodies. All of the items are carefully hand selected to ensure the highest quality and is done with all my love and care for humanity. I dedicate my life to helping empower others and take charge of your health. It’s time we all remember what really matters, where we all came from and get back to nature. Learn your truth.

Well Wishes to All,